Farewell and adieu, but not forever…

After some thought, Clio and Musette have decided to close down both their wordpress and their older blogspot blogs. That is, the old posts on both blogs have been made or soon will be made inaccessible to all except themselves. The main reason for this is that Musette wishes to see if any of this material might be publishable. We are not yet certain if we will start another blog under another name, but there is a strong chance that we will. We shall be certain to keep any remaining readers informed. Thank you for giving us much enjoyment and food for thought over the years.

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9 Responses to Farewell and adieu, but not forever…

  1. Blue Blazer says:

    I shall somewhat miss you.

  2. aliasclio says:

    You are too kind.

  3. Candide III says:

    We will be waiting for you!

  4. aliasclio says:

    Ha! Nice to get a more positive endorsement than the previous one!

  5. Blue Blazer says:

    “…Ha..” My aim is true. I apologize not. Except when appropriate.

  6. Mae says:

    I’ve always enjoyed your blog (though I’ve never commented) Thank you for all the interesting reading over the years!

  7. maurice says:

    Why-?? well come back soon, if that’s your final decision…

  8. Blue Blazer says:

    “………” “………..”

  9. aliasclio says:

    The reason I never responded to your comment was that I didn’t see it. It has been many a long year since I checked my blog. Nor did wordpress send me any notices about comments posted here.

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