Musette awaiting Clio's inspiration

Musette awaiting Clio’s inspiration

Clio was the Greek muse of history. She is the presiding spirit of this blog, a (rather languid) fountain of criticism and teasing. She visits only when she feels like it. Her mortal mouthpiece, known to the blogosphere as Musette, is much more excitable, being human; less funny, and more sympathetic. Strangely, Musette often finds herself in conflict with her fellow-mortals, while Clio gets on with everybody.

Commentators, please refrain from obscenity and profanity. Select a nom-de-plume and stick with it. Those are the only rules. We retain the right to ban people arbitrarily if we feel like it, but will probably explain why.

Contact Clio or Musette at aliasclio dash weblog at yahoo dot ca. That, of course, is a transliteration of their actual email address. Please adjust it with the appropriate symbols.